A first cloud post

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 » Essays

Cloud computing is the Next Big Thing™. This blog is my attempt to share my experiences and help fellow software developers sort it all out.

Hi, I'm your host, Kurt Griffiths. I'm a cloud hacker and architect at Rackspace.

Das Cloud

Cloud hosting turns hardware into software. “The Cloud” is not a simple re-branding of the old thin client architecture (ala Sun Ray). By contrast, cloud computing promotes the idea of running thin apps on powerful, mobile devices bristling with sensors.

Cloud Architect

Microsoft has been promoting this sort of “smart client” approach for years, but it never really took off, until Apple married the idea of connected apps with a powerful, impeccably designed hardware platform that embraced the internet as a first-class citizen.

The cloud movement significantly changes the nature of applications. Apps are no longer serfs hiding inside impenetrable castles. You've now got to design connected agents, personal assistants, and social butterflies. And it all has to be elastic and scalable.

The Future is Fluffy

As a cloud architect and hacker at Rackspace, I've become convinced that we are only at the beginning of a long journey. From the infrastructure to the apps—and everything in between—we can't just continue building things the same old way. The cloud is a very different way of thinking about the world of computing. We still have a whole lot of experimentation and discovery ahead of us.

I'd like to invite you along on my personal journey to make sense of it all and discover the best ways to go about constructing systems for the next great era in computing.